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The Collegium System and Its Impact on Indian Politics: A Comprehensive Analysis

Constitutional Law Dec 27, 2023 Written By: Admin

Introduction The Collegium system, an intricate part of India's judiciary, has been a focal point in discussions on the intersection of law and politics. This article seeks to provide a comprehensive examination of the Collegium system, delving into its historical...Read more

Admissibility of Illegally Obtained Evidence in Indian Criminal Trial : A Critical Analysis

Crimes Dec 25, 2023 Written By: Admin

Introduction  “It is revolting to have no better reason for a rule of law than that, so it was laid down in the time of Henry VI.” Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes  Personal liberty and privacy have become two fundamental in today's...Read more

Taxation on Cryptocurrency : A Comparative Analysis of India and United Kingdom

Law of Taxation Dec 23, 2023 Written By: Admin

Introduction In today’s time, virtual currency market has seen a major growth. Most virtual-currency investors  are High Net worth individuals, and ought to be suspected on unaccounted income invested in virtual currencies, since the sector yet is unregulated being relatively...Read more

Unveiling Gandhi’s Philosophical Tapestry: From Truth and Nonviolence to Sarvodaya

Political Philosophy and Law Dec 23, 2023 Written By: Admin

Abstract This reflection paper on Stephen Murphy’s article “Brief Outline of Gandhi’s Philosophy” delves into Gandhian philosophy and how his social and religious ideas were developed by him. Here we look at the four- fold tradition of the Gandhian philosophy...Read more

India’s Complex Relationship with Human Rights: Diversity, Discrimination, and Democracy

Human Rights Law and Theory Dec 23, 2023 Written By: Admin

India has historically proven itself to be a diverse and pluralistic country, however, there has been a convoluted relationship between India and Human Rights. The Indian constitution was adopted in India in 1950 and carries the legal moral of protecting...Read more

James Rhodes v OPO [2015] UKSC 32, FIRAC

Law of Torts Jan 11, 2022 Written By: Admin

James Rhodes v OPO [2015] UKSC 32 Court: Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. Argued: 19, 20 January 2015 Decided: 20 May 2015       Appellant- Hugh Tomlinson QC Matthew Nicklin QC Sara Mansoori Edward Craven (Instructed by Bindmans LLP) [1]  ...Read more


Family Law Jan 11, 2022 Written By: Admin

Introduction Since the ancient times, India has been the land of the most diverse demography possible. Individuals of various skin colors, cultures, religions, race, etc. have thrived in India since times immemorial. One such community which has always been a...Read more

Doctrine of Privity

Contract Law Dec 23, 2021 Written By: Admin

The interest of a third party in a contract is one of the most debated topics in the law of contracts, section 2(h) of the Indian Contract Act 1872, states that a contract is an agreement between two parties that...Read more

Doctrine of Frustration

Contract Law Dec 23, 2021 Written By: Admin

The doctrine of frustration was originated from the Roman Contract Law. The doctrine comes into play when the parties are emitted when the sole purpose of the contract becomes unachievable. In such scenarios, courts can give relief on the grounds...Read more

Causation under The Indian Penal Code

Crimes Dec 23, 2021 Written By: Admin

Causation is an interpretation for the word consequence, it is based upon the fact that a person is liable for the consequences of his actions, the nature of this doctrine is rather vast and tends to overlap with the principles...Read more